AGM 2020 FAQs


Why is this year’s AGM being held online once again?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing restrictions, this year’s AGM is being held online for the second year running. The organisation of a virtual Annual General Meeting is permitted by Legal Notice 288, which was published in July 2020.

Can I still vote in the AGM?

Yes, you can still vote by filling in the proxy form sent to all shareholders on the register of members at close of business on Monday 5th April 2021. You can either indicate your voting preferences on the resolutions listed on the form OR authorise the Chairman to vote as he wishes. Please note that any resolution which is left unmarked will be treated as an abstention.

Once you fill in the form, you may send it to the Company in the self-addressed envelope enclosed in the pack OR via email on In either case, the proxy form must reach the Company at least 48 hours before the Annual General Meeting happening on Wednesday 5th May 2021.

I have lost my password. What can I do?

If you have lost your password, please call our shareholders’ direct line +356 2369 6600 and one of our team members will assist you.


Will shareholder dividend be paid this year?

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the Company’s aviation and non-aviation activities adversely and, consequently, the Company’s ability to generate revenue. In order to maintain financial stability during these difficult times, the Company has taken several cost-cutting and liquidity preservation measures over the course of the past year.

As was announced through the publication of Company Announcement 343/2021, following an assessment of the Group’s performance for 2020 and given the limited visibility of the way ahead,
the Board of Directors felt that it was prudent not to recommend a dividend payment for the financial year 2020.

When can I expect the next shareholder dividend to be paid?

Malta International Airport is continuously monitoring the situation and updating the market with decisions that are of interest to its shareholders through the publication of Company Announcements on the Malta Stock Exchange. All Company Announcements are also available here.


I have not received the Company’s Annual Report with the invitation to this year’s AGM. Why is this?

Following changes to the law and Malta International Airport’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, the Company will no longer be distributing a hard copy of its annual report to all its shareholders by mail, but rather making it available on its website here.

I filled in and sent an Annual Report request form, but did not receive the publication by mail. Why is this?

Annual Report request forms and emails which reached the Company much later than the 26th of March 2021, which was the stipulated deadline, have been noted and will be processed next year.