Airport employee by day, Miss Universe Malta by Night: Catching up with Martha Fenech – Part II

Malta’s ambassador in this year’s edition of Miss Universe, Martha Fenech, is off to the Philippines today.

While we wish her a safe trip and the best of luck for her adventure, here’s the second part of our interview with her.

Read the first part here, if you haven’t done so already!

Martha Fenech

  • Can you share with us highlights of your most memorable trip so far?

I have been on many memorable trips, with some having taken me to exotic locations and others that did not take me too far away from home. A couple of years ago I travelled to Cuba; a trip which I had been dreaming of taking since I was a young girl. I always found Cuba’s political history and its colourful people very intriguing. I spent three weeks living with the locals, beach hopping, swimming in waterfalls and learning all about the revolution and the impact of communism on everyday life. Mojitos, cigars, salsa nights, and the 1950s vintage American cars made my stay even more memorable! But it was the warm hospitality of the Cuban people that really touched my heart. Cuba is a country that’s opening its doors to the world and experiencing many changes, so I am really glad I travelled there when I did. Having said that, I would definitely visit again in the future.

  • Do you find that good looks help in everyday life, not just in the modelling world?

Good looks are definitely a plus when it comes to creating a great first impression and attracting more opportunities. However, I do believe that good looks aren’t worth much if they’re not coupled with a great personality. In fact, I’d rather make a great, lasting impression by using my personality, than make a short-lived one based on my looks.

  • Finally, is a balance between work and modelling difficult to strike?

In Malta, being a full-time model is very difficult as modelling opportunities are not particularly financially rewarding. I balance my job and modelling quite well since I do not have a nine-to-five job. However, striking this balance is still challenging at times, especially now. Ever since I won Miss Universe Malta my life has become very hectic and my schedule very full. Having said that, I am embracing this beautiful journey because I want to look back at this experience having no regrets. I really want to live it to the full!