What do you get when you combine the refreshing taste of Gordon’s gin with a mix of tangy redcurrant and naturally sweet raspberries and strawberries? Gordon’s pink gin, of course! If you’d like to spice up your classic G&T by switching up your base with a lighter, sweeter alternative, look out for Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin at our Dufry outlet and Departures and get a 20% discount when buying two or more bottles.


We recommend: The Gordon’s Pink Gin Spritz definitely deserves a spot on your summer cocktail menu. All you need to fix up this refreshing drink is 50ml of Gordon’s Pink Gin, 150ml of lemonade 25ml of Prosecco (which you can also purchase from our Dufry outlet) and a handful of fresh strawberries and ice.


To prepare your cocktail, all you need to do is fill your gin glass with ice, mix in the Gordon’s Pink Gin and the lemonade and top your drink off with Prosecco, stirring gently with a barspoon. Finally, throw in a few fresh strawberries to garnish your drink, et voilà.