Free Bubbly Brunch

On Friday 30th December we’ll be popping the bubbly at Cleland & Souchet in the Departures, and you’re invited to raise a champagne flute with us between 10.30 and 12.30.

Passengers who spend €20 or more at Cleland & Souchet on the day will also get a 18cl bottle of Henriot Brut Champagne to carry on with the new year celebrations on their flight or once they’re back home.

Just bear in mind that the bubbles can get to your head a bit faster at high altitude!



Pick Up the Red Phone

Our Red Phone at Non-Schengen will ring once a day
Bringing only good news and surprises your way.
So if you’re waiting for boarding, keep a pricked up ear
As with all the airport buzz, the phone might be difficult to hear.
If you hear it ringing, do get up and run
Because when you pick up, you’ll be told “You have won!”

Win yourself a gift from one of our shops at Departures before hopping on the plane by picking up our red phone and following the instructions. Missing our call would be a real shame…


Live Music at Hard Rock

Lunch time just got  tastier at Hard Rock Cafe in our Departures Lounge. On 21st and 28th December, travellers flying out at lunch time (12.30hrs-14.30hrs) will be entertained with live music, featuring Richard Edwards, Tony Polidano and Je Je.

And if you’re not too hungry, you can always sip on one of their many cokctails at the bar and enjoy the music.


Guess the Perfume

Tuesdays are dedicated to the Guess the Perfume competition at our Departures Hall.

You will be asked to identify the scent of the week from 5 fragrance test strips.

Winners get an  Airport Shopping voucher to spend at Departures before taking off.

Do you have the nose for winning a Tuesday treat? Prove it!


Fishing for Lindor

In our chocolate-filled bowl blue, black, brown, and white Lindor abound, but there’s only ONE solitary red chocolate around!

Throughout the months of November and December we’ll be inviting you to try your hand at fishing the red Lindor out of our chocolate bowl. Whoever manages to do this, will take off with a 400g tube of Lindor.

Leave our airport on a sweet note!


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