Life at MIA

Malta International Airport is an exciting place to work because so much happens. Every week shows life at its fullest. Thousands of shoppers and families take advantage of the airport’s thriving restaurants and shops, while hundreds of professionals work for some of the world’s leading brands at SkyParks Business Centre. Millions of guests pass through the airport each year and thousands of tonnes of important cargo is sent all over the world from our airport.

Meanwhile, the airport’s dedicated and versatile employees keep everything running, growing and improving. Logistical thinkers mastermind our processes and operations; technical experts constantly push the airport towards new innovations and business development teams deepen our connection with the rest of the world. Airport life presents many unique challenges and opportunities that make careers here interesting, varied, and full of potential for development.

Malta International Airport’s purpose is clear. It aims to deliver the best passenger experience of any airport in Europe. We are currently ranked as the second best airport in Europe by the Airport Service Quality Awards.  Our commitment enables us to believe that Malta International Airport leads in terms of high quality customer and traveller experiences.