The Graduate Management Programme: Get your career off to a flying start!

Now that you have finished your final exams, handed in your dissertation, and survived your viva, as well as many sleepless nights, you definitely deserve a pat on the back for coming such a long way. However, as you very well know, the journey does not end here, as the successful completion of your studies means that you are now ready to step into the working world.

Knowing perfectly well that the prospect of finding a first job can sometimes be a bit daunting, last year Malta International Airport launched its Graduate Management Programme, tailored to the unique needs of fresh graduates looking for a rewarding first work experience in a stimulating environment. In fact, the encouraging response in our first year prompted the team behind the programme to launch it again this year.

If you have just completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and are up for a challenging role in a fast-paced airport environment, we encourage you to apply for this year-long programme and spread the word among fellow graduates. The benefits of the programme include:

  • The unique opportunity to work in an international airport;
  • On-the-job training and coaching;
  • A mentor who will support you throughout the year;
  • An attractive salary package and benefits;
  • The possibility of pursuing a career at the airport upon completing the programme, and
  • The chance to list Malta International Airport plc on your CV.

To help you make up your mind as to whether a career at the airport is what you’re looking for, we asked two of last year’s successful applicants to describe their experience so far and here’s what they had to say:

“The Graduate Management Programme has given me the opportunity to work within MIA’s Operations Department and to appreciate better how dynamic the aviation industry really is. On a personal level, the programme has taught me the value of teamwork in reaching goals and that no part of an organisation can operate successfully in isolation.  Moreover, I have been entrusted with a number of exciting projects, which I would have never had the opportunity to work on otherwise. Being chosen for the Graduate Management Programme constitutes a stepping stone in my career.”

Matthew Sargent, B.A. (Hons.) Tourism Studies

Graduate Management Trainee – Airport Operations

 “When I was chosen for the Graduate Management Programme I was new to the aviation industry, meaning that the learning curve was steep, but ultimately very rewarding. Working within the Traffic Development Department involves attracting new airlines, establishing new routes, and developing existing ones. This gives me the opportunity to engage with many individuals from the aviation industry, something which is exciting and interesting as I learn something from every person I meet. I am proud to be part of the passionate, hard-working team of professionals here at MIA and I have the Graduate Programme to thank for this!

Sandy Vella, Master in Business Administration

Graduate Management Trainee – Traffic Development

If Matthew and Sandy’s positive experiences have convinced you that applying for the Graduate Management Programme can truly help your career take off, get writing a great covering letter and send it together with your CV on by the 31st July, 2016.

Good Luck!