Love is in the airport

Here at the airport we witness little acts of love and tenderness every day. From mum and dad’s extra tight hug before letting go of their son to study abroad to Scotty the terrier freshly groomed for his owner’s return home.

And we cannot forget welcome-back banners drawn with much love, but not necessarily as much artistic skill.

These scenes convince us that the world is not such a bad place after all. To continue spreading the positivity, in time for Valentine’s, we have decorated our check-in and arrival halls with giant balloon hearts. We know that cynics are probably rolling their eyes at them as we write this, but this will neither deflate our spirits, nor our giant balloon hearts.

We have also put up a board near the gates, on which you can profess your love for travelling in public without making an over-sentimental affair out of it! And to start your journey on a high note, on Friday two buskers will be providing you with romantic music as you check in and get your papers sorted.

If you hate all of what we have prepared for Valentine’s and the very idea of this day, we still hope that you have a pleasant weekend ahead!