Mother’s Day: your super mum deserves a super gift

Most mothers seem to have the ability to whip up fantastic meals, to know when all’s not well, and to have a word of advice for every occasion. And most of them are there to offer a shoulder to cry on, when we are too proud to listen to their wise words and later regret it. Indeed, mothers are superwomen, without the cape and the unnecessarily tight clothing of course, because they’re sensible enough to know that this could get in the way of their efficiency. As we look up to them, we sometimes fail to realise that they’re human too, with weaknesses, ambitions, and hopes that all their efforts are acknowledged at least once a year.

This is why we took the time to put together a list of gifts you can buy for Mother’s Day from the landside outlets at our airport.

A book from Agenda

Common Sense

In all probability, your mother has plenty of common sense but it never hurts to have even More Common Sense. Penned by psychologist and psychotherapist, Dr Edward Curmi, this book aims at helping readers understand and achieve emotional well-being. The great thing is that all proceeds from this book go towards Dr Klown.

Other recommended books include Words by Daniel Wright, The Apartment by Danielle Steel, and Fil-Kċina ma’ Pippa by Pippa Mattei.

Price Range: €15 – €29

A Pandora charm from Hebe


Let your mum know she is the best, with one of Pandora’s new Mother’s Day charms. You are bound to find just the right charm that reflects the relationship you share with your mother from the new collection available at Hebe. The great thing is that different charms come at different prices and so they’re suited to a variety of budgets.

Price range: €29 – €69

A wallet from Samsonite


Samsonite’s new wallets come in a range of eye-catching colours and are ideal for mothers who like their accessories to be both trendy and practical. And if your mother already has a wallet, you can always go for a bag from Samsonite’s new range!

Price range: €75 – €90 (wallets) €75 – €110 (bags)

A perfume from 8 Till Late


8 Till Late offers a variety of new perfumes that are priced for different budgets.  Our attention was caught by Lacoste’s new fragrance collection, which comes in summery, colourful packaging. The good thing is that these three new fragrances smell as good as they look!

Price range:  €28 – €106