Removal of PLF and the requirement to wear a mask inside

May 2, 2020 - 11:00

Malta International Airport welcomes today’s removal of the requirement to wear face masks indoors and the requirement to fill in a passenger locator form (PLF) as positive steps in the right direction.

Another important change to the airport journey is the elimination of the health documentation verification process on arrival. Now that the verification booths and partition screens that were inside the Welcomers’ Hall have been dismantled, individuals wishing to greet family members or loved ones upon arrival in Malta, can once again do so inside the building.

A limited number of health documentation verification booths remain in place for the purpose of conducting random checks.

Throughout the past two years, Malta International Airport and the stakeholders working on the airport campus have done their utmost to safeguard the wellbeing of airport guests as the aviation industry grappled with COVID-19, in line with the health and safety guidelines issued by the local authorities as well as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). These joint efforts led Malta International Airport to become one of the first nine five-star health and safety accredited airports in the world in 2021.

While Malta International Airport pledges to continue maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness and safety across the terminal, it is pleased that airport guests are being given the opportunity to make personal choices regarding the wearing of masks inside the building, particularly now that the hotter summer months are only weeks away.

Malta International Airport would like to thank all airport employees, airport stakeholders, and other stakeholders who were involved in the verification of COVID-related documentation for their contribution to giving travellers peace of mind at a time of great instability and uncertainty. Following yesterday’s announcement by Health Minister Chris Fearne, Malta International Airport now looks forward to seeing the removal of red and dark red travel lists, as the country moves into a post-COVID phase.

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