Most scenic airports poll, which is the most stunning of them all?

What sort of traveller are you… do you opt for a window seat or for an aisle seat?

There are pros and cons to both of course – one lets you glimpse the country you are travelling to from between the clouds, the other lets you answer urgent calls of nature without having to clamber over anyone. Whatever your choice, you are bound to have witnessed a few incredible landings that will remain captured in your memory.

Approaching your destination is not only exciting if you are travelling to new places, but also upon returning home. Nothing quite beats that first glimpse of the dazzling blue sea hugging the Maltese archipelago, as the sun’s rays reach through the plane window. And with such a warm welcome, you cannot help but think that there’s no place like home!

We might be a bit biased about how stunning our fish-shaped island looks from above, but it seems that it has made quite an impression on other visitors too. Former New York Times columnist and seasoned traveller, Joe Sharkey thinks that the approach to Malta International Airport is quite spectacular.

This landed our airport on the shortlist of PrivateFly’s annual “most scenic airport poll”, alongside another 45 airports. Whether Malta International Airport gives you a spectacular welcome home or a stunning start to your holiday, you can vote for the airport here and help us make it to the top ten.

And if you don’t know what we’re on about, we invite you to come see for yourself!