• Brightest October day enjoys 10.5 hours of sunshine
  • Month starts with highest maximum temperature of 25.8°C
  • Wettest day produces 41mm of total rainfall for October 

October stormed in with three thundery days, just over 102mm of rain, and cooler-than-average air temperatures. However, the islands still lived up to their sunny reputation as with over 237 hours of autumn sunshine recorded, 2017’s October weather in Malta was brighter than expected. Moreover, the month was less cloudy with a mean cloud cover that was 0.6 oktas less than climate norm of 3.6 oktas.

In October, the sun was enjoyed for 19.2 hours more than expected at this time of year, with an average of 7.7 hours of daily sunshine recorded. The brightest day was the 11th of October, during which the sun shone for a full 10.5 hours.

The month did, however, get off to a wet and gloomy start, with the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th of October marked by a total absence of sunshine. Dull weather apart, the second day of the month was also thundery and wet. Rainfall on day accounted for 40 per cent of the total measured in October and almost equalled September’s total amount.

Total precipitation for the month of October was 102.4mm, which is a considerable 26.8mm more than expected at this time of year. Meteorological data shows that October 1951 holds the record for being the wettest tenth month to date, producing more than 476mm of rain.

While the mean air temperature for October was 0.8°C lower than the climate norm of 21.5°C, at 23.6°C the mean sea temperature was 0.1°C higher than the norm. Air temperatures reached a maximum of 25.8°C on the first day; a drop of 5.9°C from September’s maximum temperature. October temperatures dipped to a lowest minimum of 14.1°C three days before the month came to a close.

2017’s October weather in Malta saw a mean wind speed of 1.5 knots, a figure higher than the norm of 7.2 knots. The month’s windiest day was the 23rd of October, on which a maximum gust blowing at 41 knots from a north-westerly direction was recorded.