Flight Schedules


Given the evolving situation, Malta International Airport recommends that passengers contact their airline for further information about an upcoming flight.

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Summer 2022 Flight Schedule Download Fortnightly Schedule

Airline Type Origin Flight No STA
320MUCKM 30714:20
320LINKM 62517:30
320ZRHKM 49119:55
32VDUSKM 35320:30
32BSOFW6 436522:20
32VBERKM 37722:25
32VBRUKM 42122:35
73HCRLFR 295622:45
73HCAGFR 915823:00
73HBCNFR 152723:30
73HMANFR 520923:40
73HBLQFR 779423:40
Airline Type Dest Flight No STD
32BSOFW6 436622:55
* All times are in Local Time (Central European Time)