Mariners forecast

Last Updated: 23 September 2017 20:25 CET

Sunday 24 September

  • Weather Warning


  • General Situation

    A trough of low pressure over western Libya and Tunesia extending towards Corsica will move towards the Maltese Islands and Italy.

  • Weather

    Cloudy and later with showers locally thundery at times

  • Wind

    South Southeast force 3 to 4 becoming South Southwest force 2 to 3 locally force 3 to 4. Overnight becoming mainly Westerly force 2 to 3. Gusting during thunderstorms.

  • Visibility

    Good becoming moderate to poor in some showers

  • Sea

    Slight locally slight to moderate

  • Swell

    Negligible locally low South Southeast becoming Southeast

  • Sea Temperature

    26 °C

Monday 25 September

  • Weather Partly to rather cloudy with isolated showers at first, becoming fine
  • Visibility Good except in some showers
  • Wind West to Northwest force 4 to 5, locally force 3 to 4 at first, becoming Northwesterly force 4 to 5 locally force 5 to 6.
  • Sea Moderate, locally slight to moderate at first
  • Swell Low Southeast, locally negligible at times, becoming low West Northwest

Tuesday 26 September

  • Weather Fine with some high clouds at times
  • Visibility Good
  • Wind North Northwest force 3 to 4 locally force 4 to 5 at first, becoming variable force 2 to 3.
  • Sea Moderate becoming slight
  • Swell Low West Northwest becoming Northwest and later becoming negligible