Mariners forecast

Last Updated: 18 January 2017 21:10 CET

Thursday 19 January

  • Weather Warning


  • General Situation

    A low pressure area over southern Italy will weaken.

  • Weather

    Partly to rather cloudy with some isolated showers at first, mainly to north of area.

  • Wind

    West Southwest force 4 to 5 locally force 5 to 6 decreasing to force 3 to 4 locally force 4 to 5. Later in the evening becoming variable force 2 to 3. Overnight becoming Southeast force 2 to 3 locally force 3 to 4.

  • Visibility

    Good except in showers

  • Sea

    Rough becoming slight to moderate locally moderate. Overnight becoming slight.

  • Swell

    Low mainly West to Southwest. To west of area: becoming low Northwest.

  • Sea Temperature

    16 °C

Friday 20 January

  • Weather Partly cloudy or fine
  • Visibility Good
  • Wind Southeast force 2 to 3 locally force 3 to 4 increasing gradually and backing East Southeast force 6 to 7. Overnight becoming Southeast force 7.
  • Sea Slight becoming rough, locally rough to very rough.
  • Swell Negligible becoming low mainly Southerly in the evening.

Saturday 21 January

  • Weather Partly cloudy becoming cloudy with some isolated showers
  • Visibility Good except in some showers
  • Wind Southeast force 7 becoming locally force 8 for some time during the morning. Overnight becoming locally force 6 to 7.
  • Sea Rough locally rough to very rough, becoming very rough
  • Swell Low mainly Southerly at first, becoming low East to Southeast. Overnight becoming low to moderate locally moderate.