Prohibited & Dangerous Items

Due to the highly diverse nature of items carried by passengers (some of which could constitute a threat to aviation security) it is at the discretion of the Malta Airport Security Department to confiscate any item that poses a potential threat.

The categories of prohibited articles for hand luggage are as follows:

  • Stunning Devices

    Stunning Devices

  • Workmen's tools

    Workmen's tools

  • Liquids over 100ml

    Liquids over 100ml

  • Firearms


  • Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge

    Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge

  • Explosives, Incendiary Substances & Devices

    Explosives, Incendiary Substances & Devices

  • Blunt Instruments

    Blunt Instruments

In addition to the items above, the link to the document below includes a non-exhaustive list of articles that are not permitted into security restricted areas and on board an aircraft. The attached document issued by Malta Airport Security is for guidance purposes only.  Note the distinction between prohibited items in hand luggage and prohibited items in hold luggage.

Lithium Batteries

Here’s a short video issued by EASA about lithium batteries and how they should be carried when one is travelling. Remember that lithium batteries are found in most of our devices, and that if they’re short circuited or damaged, they can start a fire.