Observation Deck

The MIA Observation Deck, located on the Terminal’s third floor, gives guests a spectacular view of our runways and aprons, where you can enjoy the exciting take-offs and touchdowns against Malta’s skyline. Sundays at our airport are usually very busy and can provide for some interesting traffic movements on the tarmac. Plan ahead by keeping track of our arriving and departing flights on our Flight Status page.



A number of installations along the corridor leading to the observation deck take visitors on an immersive journey through Malta International Airport’s history, and furnish aviation enthusiasts with some very interesting facts and figures. Extra effort was put into presenting the information in a colourful way that makes it appealing and accessible even to younger audiences.

titl - MIA observation deck

The deck provides a great outdoor space where visitors can sit back and enjoy the balmy summer evenings and spectacular runway action against the Maltese skyline. The deck has also been kitted out with custom-designed canopies that create a similar effect to the shade produced by foliage and tree branches.

Several wooden canopies providing shade on an airport observation deck

The observation deck’s facelift forms part of the first phase of Malta International Airport’s reconfiguration project, through which €12 million are being invested in various upgrades across the terminal. Works on this project were kicked off in September 2016 and were completed during the summer of 2018.

Access to the observation deck is free of charge and open on a 24/7 basis.