Voluntary Notification

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has launched Notification D; A Voluntary Notification for Maltese Citizens living abroad. This new service is being offered to the Maltese Diaspora through this Voluntary Notification, which may be filled in by Maltese citizens who travel abroad for a period of over one month for a number of reasons.

Who can fill Notification D? 

Notification D can be filled for three main reasons: (1) as a first-time applicant and (2) to update a previously filled Notification D; Notification D should be filled and submitted by any Maltese citizen who intends to travel and/or already resides outside the territory of Malta for the following reasons: (1) Permanent Resident; (2) Holiday; (3)Employment and (4) Other reasons. It is important that Notification D is filled for each member of the family or group.

Why should I fill and submit a D Notification? 

Notification D should be filled to assist the Maltese Government through the Directorate for the Maltese Living Abroad to act as a point of reference when the applicant requires assistance in cases of emergency, and when this assistance can be offered.

What will the information I provide be used for?

All personal details collected through this notification are processed in a confidential manner for the specific purposes mentioned in question B and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, Chapter 440 of the Laws of the Republic of Malta. The Data Controller is the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The information being provided could be made accessible to the competent authorities should the need arise in cases of emergency, for the provision of assistance as cases may require. You have the right under the Data Protection Act to inquire about information that is being processed about you, and to request rectification of inaccurate data and the blocking or deletion of such personal data that has not been processed in accordance with the Act.

Such requests to access personal data held by the Department are to be made in writing and have to be addressed to:

The Data Protection Officer

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Palazzo Parisio

Merchants’ Street

Valletta VLT 2000

The Republic of Malta

For how long is this information retained? 

The Directorate for Maltese Living Abroad will retain details provided in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Permanent residents abroad: details are retained for a period of five years;
  • Holiday: details are retained for the period indicated by the applicant;
  • Employment: details are retained for the period indicated by the applicant;
  • Other reasons: details are retained for the period indicated by the applicant.

Upon expiry of the period referred to above, the Manual notifications will be destroyed by the Directorate and any electronically held information will be deleted, should the applicant not renew the notification or no update is further submitted by the applicant. The retention period will be automatically renewed when the notification is updated.

Disclaimer Note

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will do its utmost to offer the best possible service. However, in the event of extraordinary circumstances when contact is not possible with you or the next of kin the Ministry cannot be held responsible and in such situations you are directed to contact the nearest Embassy, High Commissioner and/or Consulate.

I have an unanswered question or require further information. 

If you have questions or wish further information write or e-mail to:

The Director,

The Directorate for Maltese Living Abroad,

Ministry for Foreign Affairs,

Palazzo Parisio, Merchants Street, Valletta VLT 2000,


Telephone: +356 2204 2371 / 2204 2208 / Fax: +356 2207 2387 E-mail: malteselivingabroad.mftp@gov.mt .