Filming and Photography Permits

Malta International Airport has featured in a handful of films, adverts and other media over the years. However, since the airport is a busy place handling millions of passenger movements each year, there are operational and security constraints which mean that getting a filming permit is not always easy. We take great care to ensure that our airport’s operations and security are not compromised and that our passengers’ convenience and comfort are not disrupted in any way by photography or filming activities.

If you are interested in recording footage or taking photos at the airport, you can apply for permission by filling out the form below. In some cases, fees for using the airport as a filming/photography location may apply.

Please try to submit any applications at least five days before you would like to film or take photos at the airport, otherwise you may not be granted permission. Once permission is granted you will be required to agree to terms and conditions set out by MIA to ensure the safe and proper use of the airports’ space and protect its rights and public image.

Filming and Photography

This form is used to request permission to film/photograph and Malta International Airport
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