If you are travelling to Malta from a non-EU country, a non-fiscal territory or an EU airport on a flight that has originated from outside of the EU, you will need to pass through the GREEN or RED channel upon arrival at Malta International Airport. 

Go through the GREEN channel if you:

Go through the RED channel if you:

  • are in doubt;
  • have more cash or duty-free items than the allowance permitted;
  • have any prohibited or restricted goods such as firearms, explosives, dangerous drugs, indecent or obscene material, counterfeit or pirated goods and endangered species.

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If you are planning to travel to or from Malta with €10,000 or more in cash (or its equivalent in other currencies, including commodities used as highly-liquid stores of value), you must declare it to the customs authorities. You can do so by filling the forms available here.

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Duty-paid alcoholic beverages and tobacco products (excise goods) acquired by a private individual for their own use and personally transported from an EU member state to Malta, are subject to the provisions of Article 14A of the Excise Duty Act(Chapter 382) and Article 32 of Council Directive 2008/118/EC concerning the general arrangements for excise duty. Travellers within the EU may wish to note that applicable EU-wide minimum guide levels, solely as a form of evidence that such goods are intended for the own use of a private individual, are established in sub-article 32(3) of the above-mentioned directive.

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products imported for non-commercial purposes by persons travelling from non-EU countries to Malta are exempted from excise duty. Such exemptions from excise duties are subject to the limits indicated below:

  • 200 cigarettes; or
  • 100 cigarillos; or
  • 50 cigars; or
  • 250 g smoking tobacco and
  • 1 litre spirits (vol. exceeding 22%); or
  • 1 litre undenatured ethyl alcohol (vol. exceeding 80%) and
  • 2 litres of liquors (vol. not exceeding 22%); and
  • 16 litres beer; and
  • 4 litres of wine

Please note that allowances in relation to tobacco and alcohol do not apply to travellers under 17 years of age.

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  • Smokeless tobacco (including but not limited to chewing, heets, snus and snuff)
  • Unbranded tobacco
  • Flavoured tobacco
  • Narcotics
  • Protected animals
  • Birds / Bird Skins
  • Live plants and plant products
  • Live animals
  • Counterfeit items
  • Arms & weapons
  • High-value items

Meat & dairy products

Please note that meat or dairy products from outside the EU must be declared. Travelling to Malta with undeclared meat and dairy items may lead to a fine or criminal prosecution, together with the confiscation of these products upon arrival. You may travel with small quantities of such products for personal consumption from the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

There are no restrictions on these products from EU member states, as well as Andorra, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland.


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If you’re planning to travel with a pet, remember that you will need the correct documentation to enter Malta. For more information in this regard, please click here.


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For further information, you may visit the customs website here.

You may also direct any other queries you may have to the Customs team at Malta International Airport.

Office: +356 21248044/9868 (during office hours only, from 08:00 to 17:00 CET)

Duty Officer: +356 23696119 (round-the-clock service 24/7)

Duty Inspector: +356 79745556 (round-the-clock service 24/7)


Additionally, Customs representatives can also be reached once you’re at the airport by using the telephone available inside the Check-in Hall (adjacent to the parenting room) and near Gate 10.