Aerodrome Technical Data

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The official Aeronautical Information Publication- Malta (AIP) published by the Civil Aviation Directorate – Transport Malta, can be purchased by contacting the Malta NOTAM Office at the following address:

Malta NOTAM Office

Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd.

P.O.Box 1

Malta International Airport



In compilation of this section, care has been taken to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate and updated. This information, however, is intended for guidance purposes only and shall not be used for aeronautical purposes. The official source for aeronautical information and charts relating to Luqa Aerodrome is the Aeronautical Information Publication – Malta (AIP), published by the Department of Civil Aviation, Malta.


Although the Company and the originator have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein, the Company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of the information or attachments included within this section.

Aerodrome Charts

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