Airport Travel Tips

As we eagerly await the revival of travel and tourism and to welcome you at our airport again, we have put together a few recommendations to help you sail through to your gate like a seasoned traveller. The airport journey has changed a fair bit in the wake of COVID-19, but members of our Airport Care Team will be more than happy to help you if you need assistance as you travel through Malta International Airport.

  • Get to the airport on time

Turning up at the terminal two hours before your flight gives you plenty of time to sort out your travel documents and luggage, whiz through security and have some time to grab a bite or browse through the shops before taking off. Do check that you have your passport and all the necessary documents, including any COVID-related paperwork required by your destination country, before you leave! Remember that all departing passengers are subject to thermal screening, and if your body temperature exceeds 37.2oC, you may be asked to leave the airport.

  • Take a Rapid Test at the Airport

Malta International Airport is offering rapid antigen testing provided through a third party for the added convenience of travellers. To take a test at the airport prior to your departure pre-booking is required, with each test costing €35. Further information about this facility may be found here.

  • To Drive or to Taxi It

Malta International Airport offers a good number of parking spaces, but you can not ease into holiday mode before you actually take off, by booking a taxi to get you to the airport? Taxis drop you off right outside the terminal, meaning that you’re literally a minute away from your check-in desk.

  • Check in online

Check in online and print your boarding pass to avoid check-in queues. Most airlines allow you to do this within 24 hours of your flight’s departure. There are also a number of self-check-in kiosks in the Check-in Hall at Malta International Airport. See whether you can make use of this facility here.

  • Be aware of luggage weight restrictions

Be aware of the luggage weight restrictions applied by the airline you’re travelling with and weigh your bags before you leave for the airport to avoid any nasty surprises at check-in!

  • Be security screening ready

Remember to remove pointed items and liquids from your hand luggage. Liquids are only allowed if they’re in containers having a maximum capacity of 100 ml and put together in a transparent bag. Empty your pockets and remove your belt and jewellery before you are asked to do so, as this helps make the screening process smoother… and faster.