• Days in April were sunnier and slightly warmer than expected; April temperatures in Malta reached 24.5°C
  • Over 250 hours of sunshine recorded
  • 14 rainy days produced a total of 12.8 mm of rain 

    April ushered in some glorious spring weather, with the sun shining for an average of 8.6 hours daily. April temperatures in Malta hit a maximum of 24.5°C on the 15th and 16th of April, delighting holidaymakers who chose to spend their Easter break in Malta.Generally speaking, days in April were both slightly warmer and sunnier than expected at this time of year. At 16.4°C, the mean air temperature was 0.3°C higher than the climatic norm, while the mean sea temperature was 0.5°C higher than the expected 16.1°C.These warm temperatures were accompanied by no less than 250.8 hours of sunshine and a mean cloud cover of 3.4 oktas. The 15th of April was a particularly bright day, during which the sun shone for a whole 12.3 hours.The weather in April was a mixture of rain and shine, as 14 rainy days were recorded during the month. However, the total rainfall produced, namely 12.8 mm, was 8 mm lower than the total expected for April. Moreover, one thunderstorm was experienced during the night of the 21st of April, with the temperature dipping to a lowest minimum of 8.9°C on the next day.While no fog was recorded, visibility was reduced at times due to dust in suspension reported between the 26th and 29th of April.