Balmy November weather for Africa summit and CHOGM

Malta experienced an unusually bright November after getting off to a bleak start on the 1st of the month, when a low of just 2.6 hours of sunshine was recorded. The islands enjoyed 1.1 more hours of sunshine per day than is usual for November, averaging out to 7.1 hours daily. The bout of good weather was well timed as the islands played host to two major international events which were the EU Africa Summit and CHOGM.

The EU Africa Summit took place on the brightest day of the month which was the 10th and had a full 9.9 hours of sunshine. Meanwhile the weather was slightly less auspicious for the CHOGM event which was held on the 27th, a day when hail was reported over some parts of Malta and the temperature at night fell to its lowest point in November, dropping down to 10.6°C. However, aside from lower temperatures during the last five days of the month, the inclement weather which immediately preceded the arrival of the Queen and nearly cancelled several of her plans, gave way to more moderate, if chilly conditions.

Overall, the average temperature of 18°C marginally exceeded the climate norm by 0.4°C, with the warmest day being the 5th, which hit a maximum recorded temperature of 23.7°C at Luqa Airport. Night-time temperatures averaged out to 14.8°C which was also very slightly warmer than expected, exceeding the norm by just 0.2°C. One could still comfortably swim in the sea this November, with the average sea temperature remaining quite agreeable at 21.7°C (which is higher than the climate norm of 21.0°C), and mostly light winds keeping the chill factor down. The mean cloud cover of 3.4 oktas was also lower than the norm of 4.0 oktas and contributed to the generally pleasant, balmy weather last month.