Comino Documentary: A showcase of crystal-clear Mediterranean waters

The Malta Airport Foundation places great importance on our underwater heritage, especially since Malta’s rich marine environment attracts around 111,000 tourists to experience scuba diving every year. Following the success of its first underwater awareness project, the foundation took the plunge once again in 2017 by committing itself to support the making of a second underwater documentary; this time a Comino documentary.

Having provided the stunning backdrop for films such as Troy and the Count of Monte Cristo, Comino is certainly no stranger to the limelight, but this forthcoming documentary seeks to present it from a different angle. The island and its dazzling waters are indeed more than just a great filming location, or a tourist hot-spot in the summer months. Forming part of Malta’s northern Marine Protected Area (MPA), they are a source of incredible coastal and underwater geomorphology, which is impressive even for the untrained eye.

The release of the full documentary, which is in the works, is planned for summer 2018. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer here.