Filfla Documentary

Treading uncharted waters with a unique Filfla Underwater Documentary

In 2016 the Malta Airport Foundation launched a much-anticipated documentary about the relatively unknown underwater habitat surrounding the protected islet of Filfla. The 30-minute documentary is the latest instalment in a series being produced by an award-winning team for ‘The Panacea Project’ and is intended to promote a message of conservation. Filfla’s waters, which are largely out of bounds to the public, harbour some incredibly stunning species such as the spiny lobster and the moray eel, unique limestone reefs and intriguing caves and crevices.

This project becomes even more significant in light of the fact that Malta’s rich marine environment entices around 110,000 tourists to experience scuba diving each year. Furthermore, it attests the Malta Airport Foundation’s commitment to raising awareness about Malta’s hidden gems and adding value to Malta’s southern region.

Dive into Filfla’s mysterious wasters below. The documentary is available in both English and Maltese.

Read more about the Malta Airport Foundation’s Filfla documentary launch here:

Documentary funded by Malta Airport Foundation puts Filfla in the spotlight