The use of drones in Malta is growing at a fast rate, and a question drone users may have is whether it is permissible to fly a drone in the proximity of an airport.

The information below is aimed at helping drone users understand what is acceptable and what is not with regard to drone use, so that they can always fly safely and legally without putting others in unnecessary risk and affecting aerodrome operations.

It is important to keep in mind that operating a drone in a safe manner is always the user’s responsibility!


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Apply before you fly
All of Malta’s airspace is controlled.
Apply for permission from the Civil Aviation Directorate at Transport Malta here before you start flying your drone.

Fly in favourable weather conditions
Fly your drone during the day time, and avoid bad weather conditions such as wind, fog, and clouds.

Keep your drone in sight
Keep your drone within your visual line of sight, and within the approved designated area.

Know your drone
Familiarise yourself with all of your drone’s features and its safe piloting principles.

Respect privacy
Ask for permission before capturing images in public areas.

Report irregularities
Irregular drone activity can be reported via email to the Civil Aviation Directorate on civil.aviation@transport.gov.mt


Interfere with aircraft operations
Don’t interfere with aircraft operations and do not fly any closer than 5km from the

airport perimeter. Keep clear of heliports.

Operate your drone over people
Do not fly over people, buildings or vehicles, and do not operate your drone any higher

than 200 feet above ground level.

Fly too close
Avoid flying close to big groups of people, keeping at least 50m away.

Drink and fly
Do not fly your drone whilst under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances.

Additional safety note: It is also important to note that laser lights and other bright lights can be hazardous if pointed directly at an aircraft, especially at critical moments such as take-off and landing.