Airside Gift Guide: August

Craig’s skipping the La Valette Lounge this time to shop around Departures. He spots a collectible pin at Hard Rock, which he’s sure would look great on Craig Junior’s guitar strap. He’s in two minds about what to get his daughter though; a necklace from Bling or Roberto Cavalli sunglasses from HEBE? Being in good spirits after a fruitful business meeting, Craig decides to get them both. As he’s about to exit HEBE, his gaze falls on a chunky Mont Blanc pen in the showcase. A fine writing instrument indeed, but he’s running out of time. His wife Viola’s been hinting that her crystal collection hasn’t had any new additions in quite some time, so Craig makes a beeline for Swarovski and plucks a rose from among the figurine selection. His last stop is at Bling, where he gets the necklace he had seen earlier, as well as a purse for Viola. Pleased with his haul of good buys, he walks to the gate just as the final boarding call is made