The Night Owl

Finals are here, and Sarah needs to ace her history exams and get that degree. With Costa Coffee open 24/7 and parking available just minutes away, the airport is where Sarah burns the midnight oil and fuels herself with flat whites. Having covered the History of Political Thought and condensed lengthy notes into points neatly put down in the notebook she’s picked at WHSmith, she decides to call it a day. She clears the table, chucks the power bank she’s bought from WHSmith into her handbag and picks up a bag brimming with gifts to get her through the exam period; a Pusheen pencil holder and Fox’s More Yum per Crumb from WHSmith, a four-leaf clover Pandora charm from HEBE for some extra luck, and a Unicorn sleep mask from Claire’s for a magical night’s sleep before she delves into 17th-century Europe!