• Highest temperature of 36.2°C recorded on June 27th
  • Second wettest June in 93 years, with 32.8mm of rainfall
  • Storm experienced on June 24th not unusual for this time of year

Summer started with a storm that made June the wettest month of 2016 and the second wettest June since 1923.

This storm was a welcome reprieve for the parched land and although it may have seemed like an unusual occurrence for summer, the Meteorological Office described it as a typical, early summer storm. In fact, last year a similar storm hit the islands towards the beginning of August.

Just over 30mm of the total rainfall – 32.8mm – was registered in less than 24 hours when a storm hit the islands on Friday, June 24th.

Last month was also warmer than usual with 11 days registering maximum temperatures above the climate norm of 28.6°C.

June saw some 20 hours of sunshine less, across the whole month, than the 328 hours expected for this time of year. June 26th was the brightest day of the month, with 13.2 hours of sunshine recorded.

Both average air and sea temperatures were marginally higher than the climate norm for June, with temperatures peaking on June 27th at 36.2°C and 23.3°C, respectively. The lowest air and sea temperatures were recorded towards the beginning of the month, at 16.6°C and 19.9°C, respectively.

Three days in June registered a wind gust stronger than 34 knots, which corresponds to Force 8 wind on the Beaufort scale. The windiest day was June 17th when a maximum wind gust blowing at 41 knots from the south was recorded.