• January was characterised by a mild first half and a wintry second half
  • The air temperature ranged between 5.8°C and 19.7°C
  • 70mm of rainfall were measured, falling below the climate norm
  • 200 hours of sunshine were recorded

January’s 200.1 hours of sunshine made for a very bright start to the year, with this total surpassing the climate norm by almost 31 hours. However, January also brought wintry weather conditions, particularly after the first days elapsed.

Seven thundery days punctuated the latter half of the month – between January 19 and 29 – surpassing the climate norm for this weather parameter by three days. However, there was more rumble than rain to January as the total precipitation of 70mm fell short of the quota of 79.4mm. Last month was the fourth consecutive January to produce less rainfall than expected.

The month’s final days were not all wet and gloomy, with January 23 clocking 9.1 hours of sunshine. On the day, the lowest temperature of 5.8°C was registered, with the temperature dropping to 5.8°C again on the morrow. On the other hand, the highest temperature, of 19.7°C, was recorded four days into the month during a week that was charaterised by higher-than-average temperatures.

At 13.1°C, January’s mean air temperature was 0.2°C higher than the climate norm. The mean sea surface temperature was 1.4°C higher than the January norm of 16.2°C.

Although the first half of January was characterised by generally mild weather, the month’s strongest wind gust of 48 knots from a West-Northwest direction was recorded on the tenth day as a wind warning was in effect. At 8.7 knots, the month’s average wind speed was slightly lower than the norm of 8.9 knots.

Published on: 27.02.23