• November was the wettest month of the meteorological autumn, producing 151.2 mm of rainfall
  • The air temperature ranged between 10.5°C and 32.6°C during the season
  • 724 sunshine hours were clocked during the meteorological autumn

The meteorological autumn, which stretches from September until November, brought a mixture of sunshine and rainfall to the Maltese Islands. During the season, the Meteorological Office measured 723.8 hours of sunshine and 229.6 mm of precipitation, more than half of which fell during the month of November.

Having yielded 151.2 mm of precipitation, November was significantly wetter than the climate norm of 89.1 mm of rainfall, partly compensating for a very dry October. October produced less than a fourth of the 77.6 mm of rainfall expected during this month and went down on record as the driest October of the past decade. Dry conditions were coupled with sunny weather, with the sunshine hours clocked during this month exceeding the climate norm of 217.7 hours by 51.2 hours.

While October treated the Maltese Islands to generally pleasant weather, November followed with several wet days and a number of thunderstorms, a particularly severe one of which hit the Maltese Islands on November 26. Out of the 10 thunderstorms reported by the Meteorological Office in autumn, six occurred in November, with three of them producing hail.

The month also accounted for the highest wind gust of the meteorological autumn, which measured 52 knots and blew from a northeasterly direction on November 27. On the day, very strong to gale-force winds whipped up rough seas, leading to the suspension of ferry operations between the two islands.

The lowest temperature for the meteorological autumn was registered on the last day of November at 10.5°C. The highest temperature, on the other hand, peaked eleven days into the start of the season at 32.6°C. The season was slightly warmer than average, with September’s mean temperature exceeding the norm by 1.2°C, October’s mean standing in line with the norm of 21.7°C and November’s mean exceeding the norm of 17.9°C by 0.2°C.