•  Partly cloudy New Year’s Day punctuated by long, sunny intervals
  • Lowest temperature for upcoming weekend to drop to 7°C, highest to reach 15°C
  • No rain forecast for New Year’s Day

The start of the New Year will not enjoy the glorious weather Malta was blessed with over Christmas, with cooler temperatures, cloudy skies and chances of rain all expected over the next few days.

While both December 31st and January 2nd are expected to be partly cloudy, the good news is that New Year’s Day will enjoy long, sunny intervals punctuating the rather cloudy rest of the day.

Revellers who’ll be ringing in 2017 at an open-air event are advised to wrap up, as the lowest temperature for the 31st of December is expected to drop to a rather chilly 7°C. The forecast shows a possibility that certain places will also experience light rain showers on the day.

7°C is also the forecast lowest temperature for both the 1st and the 2nd of January. Meteorological records show that 2015 started on the coldest note yet, when the temperature dropped to a minimum of 2.1°C.

The maximum temperature for these three days will gradually get higher; going from 12°C on New Year’s Eve to 14°C on the 1st of January to 15°C on the second day of the year.

Light to moderate winds are expected to blow throughout the weekend, becoming moderate to rather strong during the night of the 2nd January.