• Rain recorded on 17 days in November
  • Mercury hits 25.6°C on the warmest day and dips to 10.3°C on the coolest day
  • Over 186 hours of sunshine recorded

October’s wet weather pattern persisted throughout November, as the air temperature continued to drop, and the Maltese Islands braced for the start of the meteorological winter. In fact, the Islands recorded a total precipitation of 107.4mm by the end of the month, exceeding the climate norm by almost 6mm.

Last month was off to a particularly stormy start, seeing three thunderstorms hit the Islands within the first 10 days, followed by another four thunderstorms on the 12th, 19th, which was also the only day of the month when hail was reported, the 24th and 25th of November. Out of November’s 17 rainy days, the wettest was November 25th, when 28.8mm of rainfall were measured within 24 hours.

Throughout the month, temperatures fluctuated between a high of 25.6°C, which was reached on November 6th, and a low of 10.3°C recorded on November 21st. At 18.3°C, November’s average air temperature was slightly higher than the expected 17.6°C. Meanwhile, the mean sea surface temperature stood at 22.1°C, exceeding the climate norm by just over one degree.

Despite the spells of stormy weather towards the beginning of the month, November ended on a clear and sunny note, with 9.9 hours of bright sunshine recorded on the penultimate day of the month. November also produced above-average hours of sunlight, registering 6.2 hours of sunshine a day, and a total of 186.5 hours of sunshine by the end of the month.

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