The ABC of Whizzing through Security

The security screening process is perhaps one of travellers’ least favourite part of the airport journey. Will I beep as I go through the metal detector? Will my shoes have to come off? Should I have packed my cosmetics in the hold luggage? Here are some answers to your security screening questions that will hopefully help you go through this point of the journey faster and start enjoying your holiday earlier!

A – Accessories

The airport is probably not the best place to make a fashion statement with jewellery, belts, and watches, as all metallic accessories you might be wearing would have to come off before you go through the metal detector. This is not only somewhat inconvenient, but increases the risk of leaving something expensive or having sentimental value behind in our security trays.

Note: If you ever forget something at our airport, you can let us know by filling in our lost & found form found here. We’ll only be too glad to return it, if we find it!

B – Buckles and Laces

Since it is very possible that you are asked to remove your shoes at security, we recommend you opt for shoes you can easily slip out of and slip into again, without having to unbuckle and buckle up or unlace and lace up. Just a friendly word of advice; do put on a decent pair of socks to avoid the embarrassment of having to walk through the metal detector wearing threadbare socks, or your Tuesday socks on a Wednesday.

Note: Disposable shoe covers are provided upon request.

C- Clear Bags

You can carry liquids in your hand luggage provided that each container does not exceed 100 ml and that all of your liquids combined add up to no more than 1 litre. Liquids should be put in a clear bag measuring around 20 cm x 20 cm (you can ask for one of these bags at security), taken out of the hand luggage and passed through the X-ray machine at security. Liquids exceeding 100 ml will be confiscated, and some of the ‘usual suspects’ include alcohol, shampoos, and sunscreen.

Note: Liquid medicines, including syringes and cooling gel packs, can be carried in the hand luggage even if they exceed 100 ml, provided that you have supporting documentation from a medical professional.

D – Devices

Any electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, you might be carrying in your hand luggage should be taken out at security and passed through the x-machine. Make sure that your device is sufficiently charged, as you might be asked to switch it on. If you are planning on carrying spare lithium batteries for one of your devices, be sure that these are packed in your hand luggage and are limited to two if the Watt hour rating ranges between 100 Wh and 160 Wh.

Note: E-cigarettes fall under the electronic device category and can be carried in your hand luggage. Additionally, traditional cigarettes may also be carried in your hand luggage, together with one box of safety matches or a single cigarette lighter.

E- Empty Pockets

Coins, keys, mobile phones, and any other treasures that might be lurking in your pockets are items that will probably set off the metal detector. Since it is rather inconvenient to empty the contents of your pockets into one of the security trays and put everything back in, we suggest you keep your pockets empty until you’re past security.

F – Food Items

Visiting a relative abroad who’s just craving some pastizzi or a homemade pie? The good news is that you can carry food items in your hand luggage, provided that they do not have runny fillings, and are not jams, pâtés, or creams. Moreover, when travelling with a baby who is between 0-24 months, you are allowed to carry enough baby food and drinks (even if these exceed 100 ml) in your hand luggage for the duration of your trip.

G – Gifts

You can, of course, carry gifts in your hand luggage, but we recommend that you keep these unwrapped as security staff might want to have a closer look at them. If you’ve bought your young nephew a toy gun or a water pistol, you’ll end up disappointing him as these gifts will be confiscated by security personnel!

H – Hair Dryers & Hair Straighteners

No need to worry about bad hair days ruining your holiday snaps, because you can carry both your hair dryer and hair straightener in your hand luggage. You can carry your favourite shampoo and conditioner too, if they are in containers that do not exceed 100 ml.

Now that you know your security screening ABC, you can whizz through without a single worry that something you’re carrying will end up staying behind at the airport. Always check the security tray twice to ensure that you have left nothing in it, and do be careful about inadvertently picking up other passengers’ items.

Have a safe trip!