The Secret Passenger Programme

Have you recently travelled through Malta International Airport? If you have 10 minutes to spare, we invite you to join The Secret Passenger Programme, which is designed to allow passengers to rate their airport experience and give their suggestions for further improvement every time they fly through Malta International Airport.

Give us your feedback on your airport experience by filling in one or both of the below surveys*. The first survey is dedicated to the journey on departure from Malta International Airport, while the second one is dedicated to the journey on arrival at Malta International Airport.

Your feedback will allow us to continue improving our services and facilities so that each one of our guests can enjoy the best experience every time they fly through Malta International Airport.

To thank passengers for taking the time to give us their feedback, Malta International Airport will be giving the first 100 respondents, who fill in at least one survey in full, airport shopping vouchers. Please allow The Secret Passenger Programme team some time to verify the survey and contact you in order to send you your vouchers. Surveys that are not completed in full will not be considered.

* Please read the below terms & conditions

  • The Secret Passenger Programme is open to all passengers who are 18 years of age and over.
  • The Secret Passenger Programme surveys can be filled in every time one travels through Malta International Airport.
  • Surveys must be filled in within 20 days of the date of departure or arrival at Malta International Airport.
  • In order for a respondent to be eligible to receive the shopping vouchers mentioned above, the survey must be completed in full and the required document must be uploaded.
  • The data collected in this survey will be used solely for the purpose of this survey and will be processed in line with our privacy notice available here.