Top Tips for Choosing Luggage

Think about the last time you purchased new luggage; was your choice based solely on price and colour or did you actually give some thought to practicality and durability?

That’s why the team at the Samsonite outlet at MIA put together a few recommendations to keep in mind when shopping for luggage. As the sellers of one of  travellers’ favourite luggage brands, we reckon they know a thing or two about wise luggage choices!


Practical pockets & compartments

Most soft luggage comes with practical front pockets and compartments, which are ideal for keeping handy items – such as your flight tickets or mobile phone – you may need quick access to as you travel.

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Here, hard shell luggage wins a couple of points as it is ideal for keeping equipment such as laptops and cameras intact. Hard shells are also quite difficult to tamper with and ensure that your belongings are kept dry. While hard shells can get dented, the outer shells of Samsonite’s Proxis collection (pictured in gold and silver below) are made from Roxkin, a multi-layered material developed by Samsonite which helps the shell bounce back into shape.

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Integrated locks and TSA locks

Most hard shell luggage at Samsonite comes with integrated combination locks and TSA locks (as seen at the side of the red luggage in the photo). These allow personnel to conduct random luggage checks without damaging your luggage.

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Flexibility & Expandability

If you’re planning on going on a shopping spree, you may want to consider travelling with soft shell luggage. Soft luggage is usually expandable and somewhat more flexible around the edges, helping you squeeze in a couple of extra items.

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Other considerations

Whichever type of luggage fits your needs best, make sure that the material is of high quality. Hard shell luggage made from cheap and flimsy plastic can crack very easily. Look for polypropelene hard shell suitcases, as this material combines sturdiness with lightness. Samsonite have developed their own exclusive material CURV®, which comes with a ten-year global warranty.

If you’re going for soft shell, ask for breathable materials that are also water resistant. It is also important to check whether the handles are sturdy enough; a broken handle will make the affair of lugging your luggage around a little more difficult and irksome!