Take off with a Travel Exclusive: August to October 2018

Amy’s just arrived at the airport to catch a flight to France, where she’ll spend a week with her sister. She can’t wait to get to the promised land of travel exclusives: the Dufry outlet on Level 1! The choice is wide  but with some help, Amy finds the right gifts for her hosts in no time. She picks a set of Hello Kitty eaux de toilette for her niece, and Calvin Klein’s limited edition One Gold perfume and a Givenchy eye shadow palette for her sister. The Biotherm Aquapower travel pack seems like an excellent gift for her brother-in-law, who likes to look and feel his best on his business trips. She also gets him the element he’s missing from the Grant’s Elementary Range trio; the Oxygen 8-year-old blended grain whiskey. Having a weakness for cookies, Amy grabs two special edition boxes of chocolate-coated Oreos for the road, and makes her way to the counter.