• Brightest November day enjoys 9.5 hours of sunshine
• November weather in Malta drier than expected, in spite of 20 rainy days
• Highest amount of rainfall, hail and thunder observed on the 14th of month
November brought in cooler and duller weather than expected at this time of year. In spite of having 20 rainy days, the month was also considerably drier, with the total amount of precipitation falling 38.4mm short of the climate norm of 101.7mm.
22.4mm of the total amount fell on the 14th of the month, making this day the wettest one in November. Moreover, the day accounted for the only hail occurrence of the month, as well as one of four thunderstorms reported.
The other days on which thunder rumbled were the 1st, 10th, and 11th of November, with the tenth day going down in this month’s meteorological records as the dullest one. In stark contrast, the 18th was the brightest November day, treating those who had outdoor activities planned for the weekend to a full 9.5 hours of sunshine.
Throughout November, a total of 160 hours of sunshine were measured, which is considerably less than the climate norm of 179.4 hours. Duller weather was coupled with a heavier mean cloud cover of 4.5 oktas, rather than the expected November average of 4.0 oktas.
Days got chillier as November’s average air temperature dropped by 3.4°C from the previous month to stand at a slightly lower than expected 17.3°C. While the air temperature peaked at 23°C on the third day, it spiralled down to a lowest minimum of 9.9°C on the 15th of November. While last month’s maximum temperature was rather high, it came nowhere close to rivalling the highest November temperature on record, which had shot up to 28.2°C in 1998.
Averaging at 8.9 knots, wind speed was 0.6 knots higher than the norm, with a maximum gust of 35 knots blowing from a north-westerly direction observed on the 26th of November.