• The mean temperature was 13.6°C
  • Only half the rainfall usually expected in January
  • Sea-surface temperature warm enough for a swim


A quick look at January’s weather shows that last month was characterised by warm temperatures, light winds, less rain, and more sunshine than usual. With a cloud cover of 3.8 oktas and over 211 hours of sunshine, this month rarely slipped out of the sun’s embrace. During the brightest day, the sun made an appearance for as many hours as it normally would on a day in April. The mean temperature for January was 13.6°C which is warmer than the norm climate norm of 12.7°C.

This uncharacteristically balmy weather was a delight to those wary of wintry weather. On Sunday 10th the temperature peaked at 21.6°C, creating the perfect weather for a barbecue or picnic. Divers and swimming enthusiasts could also enjoy reasonably warm waters during a month normally marked by grey skies and colder temperatures. With a mean temperature of 17.6°C, the sea has not been this warm in January in thirty eight years.

January’s weather was not welcomed by all. Farmers’ thirst for a month that would break the spell of dry weather was hardly quenched by the mere 28.2mm of rain recorded. This is almost half the amount of rain that fell in January 2015, but does not make last month drier than January 1983 when just over 8mm of rain was recorded. The month was also 2% less humid than it usually is.

Bad weather hit the islands between the 16th and the 19th temporarily dampening the hopes of many that good weather would brighten all of January. These three days were characterised by hail, thunder rumblings, strong winds blowing at 45 knots, and the lowest temperature of the month recorded at 5.9°C.