The world’s most stunning landings poll results are in…

Have you ever flown right into a Picasso painting? Probably not, and chances are that you’re wondering what triggered the rather unorthodox question. Here’s what led to it.

Around a month ago we proudly took to our social media platforms to announce that Malta International Airport had been shortlisted in PrivateFly’s Most Stunning Landings poll, together with another 45 airports from around the world.

PrivateFly runs the poll annually, after it enlists the help of aviation geeks, travel journalists, entrepreneurs, photographers, and social media influencers to help it draw up a shortlist of which airport landings are most breathtaking, before the public makes its final choice.

And it turns out that the travellers love getting that first glimpse of the Maltese islands upon approaching our airport.

An over-whelming number of votes landed Malta International Airport the top spot, followed by the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and Queenstown Airport in New Zealand. Needless to say, the news had us grinning from ear to ear, but what really made us glow with pride were the lovely comments and descriptions of landing in Malta some of you left.

One of these comments, made by one of the poll’s organisers, was precisely what triggered the above question. He neatly described approaching Malta – with its varied landscape and vibrant colours – like flying right into a Picasso painting. While we absolutely loved the image, we can assure you that flying to Malta is nowhere near as costly as flying into an actual Picasso painting!

If you want to experience this feeling first hand, we suggest you get booking your next holiday to Malta. And don’t forget to try to choose a window-seat, to get the best aerial view of our little gem!