Euro fever at the food court

Euro fever at Malta Airport

We’re getting all excited for Euro 2016 and we bet you are too. To spice things up when watching the Euro matches at the food court you can participate in our Guess, Watch and Win prediction games. Keep an eye out for our Facebook page, where we’ll be announcing which matches the prediction games will be on for. In the meantime, start observing the teams closely to sharpen your forecasting skills and increase your chances of scoring some Airport Shopping vouchers redeemable from any one of the 29 outlets at our Terminal.

Don’t forget our check-in offer, where you have to spend at least EUR5 at Burger King or KFC, check in on the airport’s Facebook page on the same day, and show your check-in at the counter to get a tasty, free treat. On top of this, food court customers are entitled to free parking (terms & conditions apply).

Additionally, why not bookmark our page so that you’ll have the match schedule handy?

                                                   Euro 2016 Schedule

Fri 10th June

         21:00 France vs Romania

Sat 11th June

         15:00 Albania vs Switzerland

         18:00 Wales vs Slovakia

         21:00 England vs Russia

Sun 12th June

          15:00 Turkey vs Croatia

          18:00 Poland vs Northern Ireland

          21:00 Germany vs Ukraine

Mon 13th June

         15:00 Spain vs Czech Republic

         18:00 Republic of Ireland vs Sweden

         21:00 Belgium vs Italy

Tue 14th June

          18:00 Austria vs Hungary

          21:00 Portugal vs Iceland

Wed 15th June

          15:00 Russia vs Slovakia

          18:00 Romania vs Switzerland

          21:00 France vs Albania

Thu 16th June

          15:00 England vs Wales

          18:00 Ukraine vs Northern Ireland

          21:00 Germany vs Poland

Fri 17th June

          15:00 Italy vs Sweden

          18:00 Czech Republic vs Croatia

          21:00 Spain vs Turkey

Sat 18th June 

          15:00 Belgium vs the Republic of Ireland

          18:00 Iceland vs Hungary

          21:00 Portugal vs Austria

Sun 19th June

          21:00 Romania vs Albania

          21:00 Switzerland vs France

Mon 20th June

          21:00 Russia vs Wales

          21:00 Slovakia vs England

Tue 21st June

          18:00 Northern Ireland vs Germany

          18:00 Ukraine vs Poland

          21:00 Croatia vs Spain

         21:00 Czech Republic vs Turkey

Wed 22nd June

         18:00 Hungary vs Portugal

         18:00 Iceland vs Austria

         21:00 Italy vs the Republic of Ireland

         21:00 Sweden vs Belgium

Sat 25th June

         15:00 Group A Second Place vs Group C Second Place

         18:00 Group B Winner vs 3rd Place Group A/C/D

         21:00 Group D Winner 20:00 vs 3rd Place Group B/E/F

Sun 26th June

         15:00 Group A Winner vs 3rd Place Group C/D/E

         18:00 Group C Winner vs 3rd Place Group A/B/F

         21:00 Group F Winner vs Group E Second Place

Mon 27th June

        18:00 Group E Winner vs Group D Second Place

        21:00 Group B Second Place vs Group F Second Place

Thu 30th June (Quarter Final)

        21:00 Quarter Finalist 1 vs Quarter Finalist 2

Fri 1st July (Quarter Final)

        21:00 Quarter Finalist 3 vs Quarter Finalist 4

Sat 2nd July (Quarter Final)

        21:00 Quarter Finalist 5 vs Quarter Finalist 6

Sun 3rd July (Quarter Final)

        21:00 Quarter Finalist 7 vs Quarter Finalist 8

Wed 6th July (Semi Final)

        21:00 Winner QF 1 vs Winner QF2

Thu 7th July (Semi Final)

        21:00 Winner QF 3 vs Winner QF4

Sun 10th July (Final)

        21:00 Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF2