Luggage Deposit and Left Item Services

Luggage Wrapping

A baggage wrapping service is available against payment of a fee inside the Check-In hall (opposite the Dr Juice outlet on Level 0) to protect your luggage from scratches, liquid damage, and bumps. Our luggage wrapping station is open every day between 7am to 2.30pm.

24-Hour Luggage Deposit Service

Move around without being weighed down by your luggage! Malta International Airport offers a Luggage Deposit Service so you can drop off your luggage and pick up before you check-in or fly. The storage room is available 24/7 and is located inside the Check-in Hall near the Customer Services Information Centre.

Item* Up to 12 hours Up to 24 hours Every additional 24 hours or part thereof
Hand Luggage (max. 30kg) €5 €10 €10
Hold Luggage (max. 30kg) €5 €10 €10
Special Items (Bulky) €10 €15 €15

*Please note that the prices quoted above are charged per piece and are not based on weight.

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is only available to travelling customers at Malta International Airport.
  • An official document such as an ID card or passport is to be presented for identification before depositing any luggage.
  • All luggage must be securely locked.
  • Luggage must not contain any dangerous items or perishable goods such as food and drink.
  • No items of value such as cameras, laptops, jewellery, mobile phones etc., are to be left in luggage.
  • Alimentary products or pets cannot be accepted.
  • Any fragile items are to be declared before depositing the luggage.
  • All luggage deposited is liable to security screening.
  • Special items such as musical instruments, surfboards, bicycles, etc. will only be accepted if space is available.
  • Payment, in euros only, is to be made upon collection of luggage.
  • Payments by credit card or in cash are both accepted.
  • Please leave ample time to collect luggage in order to avoid being late for check-in.
  • Any luggage left unclaimed after 90 days from date of deposit will become the property of Malta International Airport plc and will be disposed of as deemed fit.

Left Item Service

The 24-hour Left Item Service is another service offered by Malta International Airport for added convenience. Offered at a flat rate of €5, the Left Item Service can be availed of to deposit an item that fits in an A4 envelope (please see below), which is picked up later. Items can be picked up by the person depositing them or by someone on their behalf within 90 days of their deposit. Items that remain unclaimed after this 90-day period will be disposed of as deemed fit by Malta International Airport.

  • Items may include keys, documents, perfume etc.  
  • Any other item which does not fit in an A4 envelope shall be considered as luggage deposit shall be treated and charged accordingly. 
  • Items confiscated by security and requested to be kept on our end are also accepted, if and only if they are sealed in an A4 security envelope. 
  • Cash, official identity documents, valuables, weapons, illegal substances, dangerous items, and any other items which are fragile, perishable, hazardous or malodorous cannot be kept by the airport as left items. In light of this, MIA has the right to inspect an item if reasonable suspicion arises.

This service is offered for free to La Valette members holding the Club, Traveller or High Altitude Card.