• The first week of June brought the wettest, gloomiest and windiest days of the month
  • The minimum temperature for the month dropped to 16.5°C, while the maximum reached 35.2°C
  • June gloomier than the climatic norm as 313 sunshine hours were recorded

Following a rather bleak start to the first month of summer, wet and gloomy days soon gave way to more summery weather as the mercury began to rise gradually.

In fact, the air temperature peaked on the twenty-third day of the month at 35.2°C. However, the record for the highest June temperature remains that of 41.5°C, which was reached on the last day of the month in 2021.

The lowest temperature measured last month was 16.5°C on the second day of June. Despite the rise in temperatures towards the end of June, the cooler start to the month resulted in a mean air temperature of 24.2°C, which was in line with the monthly climatic norm.

The wet weather which accompanied the cooler days throughout the first days of the sixth month did not result in a wetter-than-average June, as the 3.4 mm of rainfall measured fell 2.6 mm short of the climate norm. Having produced 1.6 mm of rainfall, the fifth day of June was the wettest of the month.

During the month, there were two instances when fog was observed by the Meteorological Office – a day more than the norm for June.

Despite the sunny and hot days that characterised the latter part of June, the instability of the first days together with a higher cloud cover than the norm led to a gloomier month. In fact, the 313.3 hours of sunshine that were measured in June fell 20.8 hours short of the climate norm. While the sixth day of the month was the gloomiest with no sunshine hours recorded, 13 sunshine hours were clocked on the morrow making it the month’s sunniest day.

A look at the wind data recorded during the month shows that June was slightly windier than expected, with the average wind speed exceeding the climate norm of 7.6 knots by 0.3 knots. The strongest gust was measured on the fifth day of the month, blowing at 39 knots from the East-Northeast.

As June progressed and the weather got warmer, many flocked to the beach for a refreshing swim. Having maintained an average surface temperature that was 0.6°C lower than the norm, the sea certainly provided the respite from the heat that was sought by beachgoers.

Published 18.07.2023