Malta International Airport expects to host around 123,000 passengers between today and the 31st of December, as many take off in search of a white Christmas and New Year, whilst others travel to sunnier climes in the hope of enjoying warmer holidays.

In contrast with the past few wet and bleak days, the Meteorological Office’s forecast for the upcoming weekend shows that the weather is going to favour tourists seeking some mild Christmas weather in Malta, and those who have left their shopping to the very last minute since rain seems to be nowhere in sight.

Saturday and Sunday are expected to be characterised by a light to moderate wind blowing from a north-northwest direction, becoming northeast on Saturday and a light northerly on Sunday. On the other hand, a moderate northwesterly wind is forecast for Christmas Day.

All indicates that the Christmas weather in Malta will be mainly sunny and fine on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, albeit somewhat chilly as the cool spell that has hit the islands is not expected to be broken before Christmas.
People who will be out and about crossing the last few presents off their lists or celebrating at outdoor events, are advised to wrap up as the maximum temperature is going to hover around the 17°C mark, dropping to a minimum of 7°C on Saturday.
Whilst the forecast lowest temperature might appear to be high in comparison with sub-zero temperatures expected in some parts of Europe, it still is a full 4°C lower than the 30-year average on record for this time of year.
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Sat. 23rd Dec. Sun. 24th Dec. Mon. 25th Dec.
WEATHER Mainly Sunny Sunny Sunny
WIND Light to moderate (Force 3 to 4)

Light to moderate

(Force 3 to 4)

Moderate Northwest

(Force 4)