The hard-working businesswoman

Rebecca is constantly on-the-go, juggling meetings, business trips and family life. She is an expert planner; extremely efficient and very well-organised. When she’s not travelling on business herself, she frequently drops by the airport to greet incoming investors or to have quick meetings with business partners. She plans ahead and always gets to the airport with time to spare, ensuring that she has enough time to get herself settled before her meeting. As soon as she arrives, she heads straight to WHSmith to check out the latest literary releases and grab a copy of the daily newspaper. She then finds a quiet spot at Costa where she can enjoy a coffee while setting-up for her meeting on her laptop. Finding the right spot to meet with international clients can be tough, so Rebecca usually rents out the practical conference facilities on level -1. After the meeting ends, she can’t resist a quick visit to Hebe to try on that new pair of sunglasses she spotted on the airport’s Instagram page. Before she heads back to work, she makes one final stop at Vodafone, to pick up a comfortable Bluetooth headset for her equally-busy partner.