MIA to operate with less check-in desks between January and March

Malta International Airport’s €12 million Terminal Reconfiguration Project is fast approaching completion, with final, major works scheduled to be carried out over the coming weeks within the check-in hall.

Passengers who will be travelling soon can expect to be met with a number of changes upon entering the terminal, as eight additional check-in desks are set to be put into operation in the last week of January. This addition is aimed at improving the airport’s efficiency in processing its passengers, however, its benefits can only be fully reaped following the refurbishment of the existent check-in desks.

This refurbishment will include the replacement of the collector conveyor belts positioned behind the old check-in desks, necessitating the phased hoarding up of the latter between January and March, just before the start of summer for the aviation industry. In turn, this arrangement is expected to temporarily limit Malta International Airport’s capacity to process passengers at check-in.

The collector conveyor belt replacement exercise forms part of a wider Baggage Handling System (BHS) upgrade. The new Baggage Handling System will furnish the airport with the possibility of extending the baggage conveyor belts further, so as to be able to efficiently handle more passengers and carry out terminal expansion developments in the future.

A complete power shut-down, planned for the early morning hours of the 8th of February, will enable the replacement of the existent power supply system with one that can cater for the needs of a much more complex BHS. Whilst this shut-down will be executed during the airport’s quieter times, guests are advised that various parts of the terminal and outdoor lighting will be affected, whilst the airfield will not be impacted.

Whilst the above-mentioned works are not expected to impact the passenger journey significantly, Malta International Airport would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by them. In addition, the airport reminds travellers to be at the terminal, at least, two hours before their flight.