The Gift Guru

Joyce is having coffee with a friend at the airport. She asks her whether she’d mind helping her select a couple of birthday gifts for her husband and daughter. They first stop at Agenda and head straight for the bestseller shelves. Without hesitation, Joyce picks Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus, as her husband’s just finished Sapiens and has been raving about it. Knowing that he has the bad habit of answering his phone whilst driving, she also chucks in the shopping bag a Jabra bluetooth headset. Next, they stop at Claire’s and pick a white satchel for Linda, before making their way to Vodafone to get some advice on which mobile phone to get her for her sweet 16. On their way to the Welcomers’ Hall, Joyce spots a pair of classic Ray-Bans at HEBE, and thinks that Mark would look just dashing in them.