SkyParks Business Centre pedals its way to clean energy generation

SkyParks Business Centre today unveiled its own power station, giving people the chance to charge their phones while cycling.

The bike station serves the dual purpose of promoting a more active lifestyle and the generation of cleaner energy, mainly among the SkyParks Business Centre and Malta International Airport communities.

Developed by local NGO, MOVE, the station incorporates two bikes that allow users to charge electrical devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, through the conversion of pedal power into electricity. By installing this station, SkyParks Business Centre is upholding its custom of supporting an environmentally friendly project each year, in line with its commitment to contribute to a greener and cleaner environment for all.

The first two cyclists to officially inaugurate the bike station on the day were Malta International Airport CEO, Alan Borg and Foundation of Medical Services CEO, Carmen Ciantar. Shortly after, Vodafone Malta CEO Amanda Nelson took to the station and pedalled her way to charging her mobile phone.

Mr Borg said, “We’re excited to be launching this initiative, especially considering that it is one of the first of its kind in Malta. Using human power to generate energy is an innovative concept which is revered globally, with this form of power being hailed as the way forward in the field of alternate energy generation.”

Coinciding with the European Week of Sport, the inauguration of this station was extended to a whole programme of events planned around the pillars of fitness and wellbeing and energy saving. Over 1,000 employees working within SkyParks Business Centre were encouraged to break up their working day by taking part in outdoor games and other wellbeing initiatives.