• Highest air temperature soars to 38.7°C 
• Sea temperature reaches maximum of 27°C
• Brighter July than expected; total of 365.6 hours of sunshine recorded

2017’s July weather in Malta was characterised by air and sea temperatures that were higher than the climate norm, longer hours of sunshine, and windier days.

Standing at 27.7°C, the mean air temperature was 1.1°C higher than the norm, while the mean sea temperature exceeded the expected 24.7°C by 1.3°C. On the 24th and 25th of July the sea offered little respite from the heat, as its temperature shot up to a maximum of 27°C.

Luckily, this did not coincide with the month’s hottest day; the 13th of July, when the mercurcy hit the 38.7°C mark. Although quite high, this temperature was 4°C lower than the highest July temperature on record, reached back in 1988.

July’s hot days were accompanied by plenty of sunshine, and a marginally lower cloud cover of 0.8 oktas. The first weekend of the month was particularly bright, with both Saturday and Sunday enjoying a full 12.9 hours of sunshine. Even the month’s dullest day benefitted from over seven hours of sunshine.

July weather in Malta saw a mean wind speed at 0.8 knots higher than the expected 6.8 knots, with a maximum gust of 33 knots recorded on the 25th of July. On the same day, thunderstorms were observed from the Meteorological Office.

While a trace amount – 0.01mm – of precipitation was recorded, no dew was reported for the month of July.