Lost, Found & Auctioned FAQs


1. When is the Lost & Found Auction taking place?
The Lost & Found Auction is taking place on Tuesday 10th December 2019.
2. At what time does the auction start?
The auction will start at 7.45pm.
3. Where is the auction taking place?
The auction will take place at the Airport Food Court on level -1.
4. Do I need to purchase tickets to be able to participate in the auction?
€5 tickets can be purchased online here.
Each ticket will come with a €5 voucher redeemable at any one of our food court outlets.
5. Can I buy a ticket from the airport or at the event on the day?
This year, tickets will be sold solely online on Showshappening.
6. When can I redeem my food court voucher?
Each voucher is valid from the date of the auction, 10th December 2019, until 3rd January 2020, as specified in the T&C section on the back of the Lost and Found Auction ticket.
7. Can I join another bidder at the auction without purchasing a ticket?
Limited seating will be available for persons without tickets in the lower half of the food court.
8. What items are being put up for auction?
You can bid on a range of luxury watches, gadgets, photographic equipment, a drone, clothing and mystery luggages, amongst other items on the day.
9. Can I come to the airport to view the items before the auction?
A viewing will take place on the day of the auction at 7pm; 45 minutes before the start of the auction.
10. Can I pay for the items I bid on with a Cred/Debit Card or through online banking?
On the day only cash and cheque payments will be accepted. Cheques are to be addressed to Malta International Airport plc.
11. Which charity will be receiving the proceeds from this year’s auction?
The money raised during this year’s auction will be donated to Hospice Malta.
12. If I am not satisfied with the item I have purchased at the auction, will I be able to return it or get a refund?
No returns or refunds will be granted once a purchase is made, due to the fact that proceeds from the event will be donated to Hospice Malta.