Malta sees an extra 50 hours of sunshine in May

  • May in Malta was warmer, wetter and brighter than average
  • A total of 21.2mm of rainfall was collected, when the norm is 8.5mm
  • In total, 24 out of May’s 31 days were warmer than usual
  • The average air temperature exceeded the climate norm of by 0.9°C to reach 20.7°C

May in Malta was less cloudy, less humid but wetter, warmer and brighter than what is normally expected for this period.

In total, Malta saw 350.3 hours of sunshine last month, which was considerably higher than the norm of 299.1 hours. The island had an average of 11.3 hours of sunshine a day. The brightest day (13th) saw 13.3 hours of sunshine while the dullest day (21st) saw only 3.1 hours of sunshine.

Last month, Malta was wetter than usual, when a total of 21.2mm of rainfall was collected. This was considerably more than the 30 year norm of 8.5mm having rained for two consecutive days (17th and 18th). The highest precipitation rate occurred on the 17th, with a rate of 13.5mm/hour.

Thunder was heard on three days (9th, 10th, 17th) which is more than the norm of one day. Fog was reported only on the 20th day.

The average sea temperature was higher than the norm, peaking at 19.2°C when the norm for this period is usually around 18.0°C. The highest sea temperature recorded reached 20.9°C while the lowest was 17.0°C.

May was less cloudy and less humid. The relative humidity levels stood at 67 per cent, which was slightly less than the norm of 73 per cent. Meanwhile, the mean cloud cover was 2.9 oktas, also less than the norm of 3.1 oktas.

Wind speed was typical for May, blowing at an average speed of 8.64 knots with the Northwestern direction being most frequent. The strongest wind gust recorded arrived on the 22nd day from the Northwest by West direction at 37 knots.

In total, 24 out of the month’s 31 days were warmer than what is usually experienced in May. Also, three days (3rd, 6th and 7th) reached a maximum temperature of 5°C more than the norm.

Last month’s average air temperature exceeded the climate norm of 19.8°C by 0.9°C, to reach 20.7°C. The highest temperature in May was reached on the 6th day and stood at 29.7°C. Meanwhile, the lowest temperature was 13.2°C, recorded on May 30th. The lowest temperature at grass level was 7.8°C on May 1st.

The highest temperature ever recorded was in May 2006, when thermometers soared to 35.3°C on the 23rd day. Meanwhile, the coolest night was in May 1970, registering a temperature of 8.0°C. The strongest wind gust since 1947 was measured at 53 knots, in 1951 and 1954.